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How Does Digital Signage Benefit My Business?

The primary benefit of digital signage is flexibility. Content can include text, photos, eye-catching motion graphics, video clips, live streaming feeds, interactive displays, and much more.

Digital signs are ideal for those who need to frequently deliver important messages, run new promotions, or showcase different products. In other words, they’re a great fit for almost any business.

And since a single digital sign can be programed to display an endless variety of custom multimedia, thereby eliminating the need to constantly order new signs, it quickly pays for itself.

What are the hardware requirements of a digital signage network?

Digital signage is flexible!

Whether you’re a facilities manager for corporate offices or you want to catch the eyes of passing trade from your station kiosk, there’s a hardware setup that suits your business needs and your budget. Effectively, you can scale the hardware to suit your requirements – whether you want a digital menu board or a video wall.

A standard digital signage installation requires:

A digital screen
A media player
Digital signage software

How do I control the content on my digital display?

 It’s simple to add content to your media player via a content management system (CMS) (aka digital signage software).

CMS provides access to an editable content catalog that helps you create eye-catching content in a flash. It’s literally a case of dragging, dropping, and customizing your content. Above all, it gives you a professional-looking display every time.

For example, transform your menu boards with video clips or push in-store promotions. Organize your workflow on factory floors or in offices with high-quality content that you’re always in control of.

CMS is often cloud-based, which means that you can access and control it through a standard web browser. As a result, this gives you real-time control over your display content, ensuring that your signs move as quickly as your business.

How do I create digital signage content?

The success of your digital signs depends heavily on great creative content. This is where we find people particularly lack confidence.

As we mentioned earlier, your digital signage software operates like a CMS that controls your content. You access the CMS through a simple web portal that allows you to design and line up your content.

Luckily, you don’t need an ounce of technical know-how. That is to say, the content portal operates on a super-simple drag-n-drop basis. You can choose how to divide your screens, download images from the server, and create professional-looking content in no time.

Your content is as straightforward or as complex as you’d dare make it. You can rely on our vast library of customizable templates or create your own to reflect your particular brand. Incorporate stock animations and video content to make your creative content as eye-catching as possible. Furthermore, keep your digital signage fresh, engaging, and informative.

What if something goes wrong with my digital signs?

 Once your digital signage installation is up and running, you’ll find the system relatively maintenance-free. Any digital signage supplier worth their salt will provide excellent post-sales service. If you run into problems, they should be able to resolve your issues with a little troubleshooting over the phone.

We’re proud of how we provide ongoing support to our customers. And if it’s something we can’t fix remotely, you can open a ticket on our website, and we’ll get back to you super-quick.

What type of training do you offer?

 When your digital signage solution is installed, engineers will guide you through the software and the technical requirements for the system. You’ll find a library of self-help tutorials on our website, as well as opportunities to speak with our team to answer questions whenever you have them.

If you’re familiar with basic web pages, you’re going to be familiar with our easy-use content portal. Additionally, we’re always happy to help along the way.